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Home Nuyers

Services for

  • Rera Compliance Report
  • Title Search Certificate
  • Rera Complied Agreement
  • All Complaints before Rera Adjudicating Authority and Rera Appellate Authority
  • Executing Rera Orders and Judgments
  • Society formation without builders Category
  • Deemed Conveyance

Services for
Builder / Promoter / Owner

  • Registration of the Project
  • Rera Compliance Report
  • Extension
  • Up gradation
  • Revocation
  • Title Certificate
  • Rera Complied Agreement to Sale
  • Rera Complied Society Formation
  • Rera Complied Conveyance
  • Redevelopment

Services for

  • Individual Agent Registration
  • Company / Firm Agent Registration


Online Service

We provide you with sound advice and answer to all your questions on the Real Estate Regulation Act, (RERA). If you want to ask queries regarding Real Estate Regulation Act or RERA, please click our online page ask for a query.

Rera Consultation

  • Advice on Registration under RERA by builder/ promoter
  • Advice on Registration under RERA by agents
  • Advice on how to check whether the project is RERA complied or not
  • Advice on the legal document to be drafted as per RERA
  • Advice on complying with RERA provision for giving advertisement of the project
  • Advice on taking advance/money from the flat purchasers.
  • Advice on adherence to the sanctioned plan and project specification by the promoter.
  • Advice on promoters obligation in case of transfer of the project to a third party
  • Advice on promoters obligation regarding insurance of the project.
  • Advice on the formation of society.
  • Advice on the transfer of title through Conveyance / Deemed Conveyance.
  • Advice on society formation without builder consent
  • Advice on returning the amount and compensation for incompletion of the project
  • Advice on obtaining full information about the project, sanctioned plans, layout plans etc
  • Advice on the stage-wise time schedule of completion of the project.
  • Advice on the provision of water, sanitation, and other amenities and services.
  • Advice on possession/ delayed possession
  • Advice on obtaining necessary documents, plans of the entire project
  • Advice on parking
  • Advice on redevelopment projects as under RERA

Rera Drafting

  • Drafting professional and customize flats/ shops/ gala/ plots agreement/ sale deed as required under RERA.
  • Drafting redevelopment agreements with builders/ developers.
  • Drafting Conveyance Deed for a Co-Operative Society.


  • Legal notice to builder/ promoter for violation of RERA provisions.
  • Complaints to various authorities for violation of RERA provisions (from our panel of legal experts).
  • Complaints to various authorities under consumer law (from our panel of legal experts)



Rera For Home Buyers

Rera for home buyers

”RERA For Homebuyer” decodes, dissects and simplifies the disclosures mandatory for the builder or promoter like project information, promoter details, project modification details etc under RERA . It breaks down the RERA application submitted by the developer into segments and shares insights, precautions or risks as applicable for the benefit of the home buyer. The book analyses each segment of the application such as “View application”, “View Certificate” “Development Work” “Litigation details” “Building Details” as well as the Tabs on official RERA websites such as “Conciliation under RERA” “Filing complaints under RERA” and so on. The screenshots can be compared with actual site for easy interpretation and comprehension.

The aim of the book is to help home buyer take smart decisions and be an informed buyer. Author – Adv. Leena Kaulgekar is a practicing RERA Consultant with twenty eight years experience in real estate domain.

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